How Steve Larsen Creates An Offer That Makes It Nearly IMPOSSIBLE For Your Customers To Say “No”

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Steve J. Larsen is one hell of a guy. If you don’t know who he is you’re about to be edumacated!


Who Is Steve J. Larsen?

Steve used to be Russell Brunson’s right-hand funnel maker at Clickfunnels. He sat next to the legend himself for over two years. During that time he absorbed all he could from Russell.

He built over 300 funnels while at Clickfunnels. He got to sit in on Russel’s $25,000 Mastermind sessions. He became one of the core presenters and teachers at Funnel Hacker Live and other related events.

Eventually he spread his wings and left Clickfunnels to start his own entrepreneurial journey, but he still keeps close ties to Russell and his team. He is still an active participant in all the educational material Clickfunnels puts out.

I first heard of Steve from the Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast. And from there I got hooked on Steve’s own podcast Sales Funnel Radio (SFR for short). SFR is easily one of my top 3 podcasts, and I listen to a LOT of podcasts.

Steve is a giver. His signature BOOM! lets you know you’re in for a ride. Every episode this hi-octane dude gushes so much knowledge and value it can be hard to keep up! He shares what he learns and we all benefit from it.

Over the past few years he’s been slowly morphing into something unique. Something very important. Something the marketing industry has been needing for a while.

Steve Larsen has become the “Offer Creation Guy”.

When you’re trying to market something you need to have a compelling reason for someone to choose you over the millions of other voices out there. The best way to do that is by creating an irresistible offer.

That’s what Steve has become the category king at. Crafting offers so good you can’t help but want what what he’s got! That is what he teaches as well.

Steve did much of the training for the original Affiliate Bootcamp mini-course. So when Russell decided to revamp it to become a Summit, he asked Steve to provide a module.

And as par for the course, Steve delivered value in spades! With an hour and 10 minute training he covers a lot! And the best part is the entire Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is FREE!

I previously talked about how Russell Brunson would turn an affiliate marketing”hobby” into a career. Now it’s Steve’s turn at bat!

Steve Larsen

How Steve Larsen Would Become A Full Time Affiliate Marketer In 100 Days

It all starts with the who. You need to get clear on Who should be buying. Your job is to bridge the gap between to Who and the Offer.

Steve strongly believes any money you make should be dumped back ads and offer creation. This allows you to scale fast and furious.

Marketing is the act of changing someones belief for the intent of the purchase.

For any product you are trying to promote, review the product/service page and study “who” they are trying to go after. Who needs their product?

For example, on the Clickfunnels home page there is a quiz to help people decide if Clickfunnels is right for their business, whether it’s Ecom, Coaching, Consultants, Info Products, B2B, Retail, etc.

Choose the businesses that would typically justify paying higher amounts. (ie: Info Products and Coaching.)

Let people vote with their wallets. Get data from your dream customer and craft your offer around what their saying. Use their own words to create your marketing message and it will connect with them much better.

Don’t try to promote Clickfunnels directly, promote it on the back-end through a relevant offer, such as Funnel Hacks.

Put yourself in the shoes of the prospect and list out any objections they might have about the product. When an offer/opportunity presents itself, what are the new problems that present themselves that they might use as a reason NOT to buy?

Grab the top followup problems and solve them with your own products!

He goes into the example of Consultants and Coaches


  • Traffic?
  • Will funnels work here?
  • How do I get coaching clients


  • This Product will teach you how to get traffic
  • This Product will teach you What Funnels Work Where
  • This Product will teach you How To Get More Coaching Clients

Offer these as Bonuses to entice the user to purchase through your affiliate link. The bonuses help to solve the problems the original creator didn’t think of.

Once they buy, tell them to send a screenshot proving they bought through your link and you will send your bonuses.

Use epiphany bridge script (page 114 of Expert Secrets) to craft stories that break and rebuild their beliefs.

You’ve now created your OWN Offer & Sales Message!

Look inside the Coaching & Consulting Market and see what experts/influencers they are following. Look for influencers above you at different levels (Top – A, Mid- B, Low – C).

Reach out to these influencers and ask “Hey, have you heard about Funnel Hacks? Do you think I should get it? You have a ton of influence and I super value your opinion. Please let me know”.

Most people are not going to respond, but you only need 3 responses.

Also ask for interviews! Start a podcast or a show and ask “Hey, how can I get more success as a coach or consultant?”

They will often say yes because they want to get more exposure. Leverage the success of other people. This will boosts your status!

With the first few episodes start with your origin story. Then the next few episodes will be interviews. Each episode will promote a freebie.

Get a domain and create a page for your new show. Promote the episode transcripts as a freebie at the end of the episode. “If you liked that episode, head over to and get the transcript”. This requires the user to opt-in, and builds your email list!

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business. Building an ever growing list of subscribers and delivering value while promoting helps to develop the all important Know, Like & Trust factor that leads to sales. Check out my FREE Email Jumpstart course now!

He then explains how you should create your own summit! Here are the steps:

  1. Launch a podcast with influencers of those that I’m trying to sell to.
  2. Push them all onto a summit which the influencers will all be on so you don’t have to create all the content.
  3. Push them onto to a 21 Day Challenge!
  4. On the backs of each of those I’m selling my unique offer.

The Opt-in page for the transcripts leads to the Thank You page which has an unadvertised bonus: I drop my unique offer. “Click right here and buy the offer (Funnel Hacks), send me the receipt, and I’ll unlock the bonuses for you!”

Podcast strategy is good for “blips” of cash. For big wins build pressure in advance like Hollywood movies!

At the bottom of Thank You page under the “Funnel Hacks” offer say “You should register for the free summit which is happening on X date just for Coaches & Consultants!”

Approach the people you interview and say “Hey, people are loving your interview. Would like mind coming on the Summit? And can I use your picture to put it on the front page as well?”

Build a Summit page with the date and tons of people’s faces of who will be on the summit.

Now go back to the influencers and ask them if they would like to join the summit as well, even if their “C” level.

Seeing all the other pictures on the summit page is massive social proof.

After people register for the summit make an offer “Would you like to pre-buy the recordings of the summit for $97? The price will go up to $147 afterwards!”

Take the money from the pre-bought summit recordings and dump it into Facebook ads!

Now reach out to the Clickfunnels Facebook Group and say “Hey, I’m looking for someone to help me run my Facebook ads. Looking for a long term relationship. If you’re interested, please drop me a little video on why I should choose you!”

To get extra cash create a Resources page. Create a little video or blurb about each tool with your affiliate link.

Each funnel you create (podcast page, summit page, resources page, etc.) should all be interconnected to each other in some way.

The Thank You page for the Summit recording pre-buy page should be a unique offer. “Hey most people find they get results faster with Clickfunnels. Sign up for Clickfunnels now so you can get these extra bonuses.”

Pre-record as much as possible for the summit.

On the bottom of the summit page have another unique offer!

“Hey, if you enjoyed the Summit and want to take things to the next level, join the 21 day challenge!”

“If you join the Challenge now for $47 you get the Summit recordings free, otherwise you can pay $147 for the recordings. If you pre-bought the recordings and join the challenge we’ll refund you $50”

Challenges explode results!

The first 7 days of the Challenge are the top 7 interviews from the Summit.

Starting on Day 8 tell them to sign up for Clickfunnels and Funnel Hacks and walk them through the sequence already laid out by the onboarding sequence by Russell Brunson.

Show the unique offer again. “If you want these awesome recordings of the Challenge and other bonuses bonuses, sign up for Funnel Hacks and send a screenshot of your receipt.”

The entire process is leveraging the content from others! The recordings for the Summit becomes an evergreen offer! The recordings of the Challenge becomes an evergreen offer!



That, my friends, is how you create an irresistible offer, build an audience of raving fans, and quit your job within 100 days!

You have to watch it to truly get the impact of what he’s saying. Steve’s plan is one of 15 others shared in the free Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

The value Steve and all the others deliver in this course could easily be sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! Seriously it’s THAT GOOD!

Do yourself a favor and sign up. You will learn a ton and that information could change your life!

Sign up for Affiliate Bootcamp now!

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