How Rachel Pedersen Uses The Power Of Relationships To Find The RIGHT Customers That You Help

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This is part 3 of my series talking about the wonders of Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

This is a totally free (as in beer) training where Russell has brought together 16 of his top Super Affiliates to give their strategies on how they would go from beginner to full time affiliate marketer within 100 days.

Affiliate marketing is easily one of the best ways to start making money online and the Clickfunnels affiliate program gets my top recommendation for having such a diverse selection of low to high ticket offers you can promote.

I’ve already discussed Russell Brunson’s and Steve Larsen’s strategies in previous posts. Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on Rachel Pedersen.

Who Is Rachel Pedersen?

Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is often called the Queen of social media.

This young mother of three beautiful children is on a mission to help entrepreneurs who want to blow up their businesses MASSIVELY with social media and Facebook advertising.

She runs her own social media agency, a social media consultant and strategist, and founder of Social Media United.

She is someone who really knows how to build an engaged community online and monetize it for your benefit.

Through all this she is also a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate!

Russell Brunson asked her to be part of his new Affiliate Bootcamp Summit and share her strategy for becoming a full time affiliate marketer within 100 days. Let’s just say she delivered a royal dose of awesomeness!

Today I want to dive into her strategy and see how we can use it to become top affiliates ourselves.

How Rachel Pendersen Would Use The Power Of Relationships To Become A Full Time Affiliate Marketer

You need to build relationships with all the people you want to help. Make sure Clickfunnels can help them, and help them with Clickfunnels.

Who do I want to serve, and what do they need? This will be the total framework for building your irresistible offer to getting your 100 affiliates. It comes down to two things:

Demographics vs Psychographics

Demographics: Things that are meant to categorize people (ie. male or female, age, do you have kids, religion, location, etc)

Psychographics: The core values each person has to drives them to make decisions. The core values that you operate your entire life around. Psychographics unite! (ie. Family, love, people.

If you lead with psychographics you will have a deeper connection with who you want to serve as opposed to say just “women”.

Lead with psychographics and tweak your audience with demographics.

Understanding their pain points is essential to marketing. What is stressing them out? What do they worry about before going to bed or when they wake up. What problem in their life or business are they stressing over that they need solved?

There is a saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The thing that prevents our pain is worth so much more than the cure for our pain.

People will pay more for that ounce of cure than a pound of prevention. Once you hone in on that pain people will easily pay for the solution you can bring using Clickfunnels.

Now it’s time to fix this pain. You don’t have to be some crazy expert in order to solve this pain point. It can be quite simple.

  • “I’m struggling because I want more leads in my business.”
  • “I’m stressed because my competition is online and I’m not”
  • “I wish that my website converts but it never does.”

You’re going to be able to say I don’t think this is a one person problem, this is something a lot of people are experiencing.

If you can create the solution to that, or at least help point them in the right direction, which with Clickfunnels I guarantee that you can, you are going to be able to easily serve at least a 100 people as your affiliates.

So I step back and say “What is the plan that I can create that’s free or at a nominal cost to get people started on the thing that will help them to use Clickfunnels but also to solve their pain point?”

Create an irresistible offer to bundle as a bonus for signing up with Clickfunnels. Look at what other people are offering and think about how can I make it faster, stronger, more affordably, better? And offer it at a price that people will say “Take all my money!” because it’s a no brainer.

In your email list these aren’t just leads, they’re real people with hopes, desires, dreams, goals, fears and pain points. If you can build a list that you are willing to serve then you will build massive Know, Like & Trust factor with them.

In case you’re new to the game there is a very true and famous quote “The Money Is In The List”. This is referring to a list of email subscribers for email marketing. You can grab my 100% free course Email Jumpstart here!

Take out the juiciest part of your offer and use that as either your lead magnet or tripwire. That is what will get people to jump onto your list.

Some people say that nobody buys once they join my list. There are two really good reasons that people won’t buy.

  1. Your lead magnet/tripwire, didn’t provide the results that make people raving fans. You need to create a big shift in their beliefs.
  2. Nurturing their email list. Many people build a list and then leave it until it’s time to make an offer. That’s kind of like a booty call. You need to treat them right, provide value and build a relationship.

Start at the beginning and think of what are the 1 or two pain points that they have that you can solve with the same offer, and then you say what is the end result I want them to have that gets them using Clickfunnels because Clickfunnels should be part of your solution.

If your offer solves all the pain points then you grab the lead magnet from the juiciest part of the offer so it gives a little bit of a solution or relief to what the problem is, or gets them started right away so you build trust. So it’s completely centered around the pain point, and Clickfunnels is just a vehicle to achieve that relief.

It’s never about the product. It’s all about the pain point.

Test everything organically first. Start by marketing to your list & post it in Facebook groups.

Even take your offer offline and market it locally. The local blue ocean. You can either go door-to-door, or even a local meetup.

It’s all about Authority Jacking: Leveraging other people’s audiences.

Bring value to other influencers and their audiences by showing up on other peoples platforms and connecting.

The more you show up people will come to you. You don’t even have to pitch.

By week 12 you have to look back and see if your offer is converting. If not you may have to re-evaluate things. It’s time to tweak things or create a new irresistible offer. Maybe collaborate with some peers in the industry and find out why it is not converting.

When you start running Facebook ads you want to be sure that you’re spending a dollar and getting at least a dollar back. What you really want to see $5, $8, $10 back!

I have never on a normal month spent more than $600/month on affiliate commissions. I want to make sure I can get multiple returns from that.

Make sure you promote an offer that will convert (ie. anything from Russell Brunson) and more importantly serve people with a problem that can be solved.

I want to see an immediate return of at least $2 for every $1 spent, preferably at least $4-$8.

Once you have an offer or funnel that is converting it is time to ramp it up into a money printing machine!

You put $1 in you get $5 back, you put $1 in you get $8 back!

If your offer is converting on the front end, the sticky cookie will track the user on the back end for when they purchase something else later on.

Here she is referring to the fantastic Clickfunnels Sticky Cookie. It’s a web browser cookie that tracks someone who buys something you offer from the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. That person may buy your initial offer now, but 6 months later buy one of the other offers. You will get credited with that sale as well!


That is how Rachel Pendersen would become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate if she was starting from scratch.

There is a lot of powerful stuff that she covers in her interview. And there are 15 others that also deliver fantastic strategies in the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

Honestly this training could be sold for $1,000 and be totally worth it, but you get access to it for FREE!

You owe it to yourself to check it out. You’re bound to find at least one strategy that could work for you, if not a combination from several people. And this could change your life.

The value given cannot be understated. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit now!

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

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