Marley Jaxx Tells Why YouTube Is The #1 BEST Way To Generate Leads, And Get Affiliate Sales

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How many hours of video do you watch online? I’m not talking about Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, or other TV/movie streaming services. I bet it’s a lot. If you’re like me, I generally watch more video online on my phone or computer than my TV.

That is the way the world is changing. We now have the attention span of less than a GOLDFISH! Yeah, it’s scary to think of that.

But with all the video content being created and posted on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we’ve become used to watching small video clips for quick entertainment.

Don’t lie, you’ve watch some funny cat video today haven’t you? I won’t judge.

But there are big differences between these platforms. While Facebook and Instagram are aimed at short entertainment, YouTube offers a much broader scale.

It used to be that if we needed to learn about something we’d say “I’m going to Google that”. Now most people will say “I’m going to look that up on YouTube!”.

We look to YouTube for anything from funny cat videos, product reviews, to a never ending supply of How-To videos. You can learn pretty much anything on YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, right after Google. The fact that it’s owned by Google should come as no surprise. Even searching something in Google will often bring up related YouTube videos.


Here’s some fun facts!

  • YouTube is the 2nd most visited website on the web.
  • YouTube has more than 1,300,000,000 users!
  • 300 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE!
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day!
  • The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes.
  • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

To me those stats are staggering! Think about it. People go on YouTube and look for something to watch, and stay engaged for a LONG TIME! That’s a LOT of cat videos! 🙂

You probably subscribe to a bunch of different YouTube channels for your favorite creators. They produce good content that you enjoy watching. Maybe it’s DIY furniture, cooking, sewing, or marketing!

When you create great content on YouTube people get to see you, hear your voice, and get to know a bit about your life. Aside from meeting you in person, there is no better way to build a connection with your ideal audience or potential client. You can build a HUGE following of people who get to know, like and trust you.

That trust factor can turn into leads. Those leads can turn into customers.

But what if you don’t have anything to sell? No problem.

One of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. That is where you promote a product or service. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you get a commission!

You see this on YouTube all the time. The creator will say something like “Click the link in the description to get the latest price from Amazon” or “Check the description for a list of all the tools I mention in this video”. 90% of the time those links are affiliate links.

There are affiliate programs available for almost every product or service you can think of.

But one of my favorites is the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. Not only does it offer great monthly recurring payments (passive income), but it has so many other low to high ticket offers that can give you big paydays!

Clickfunnels is a specialized website funnel creation platform that almost any marketer needs. And the ease of use, community and value it provides make it an easy sell.

But how do you create engaging YouTube videos to promote things as an affiliate? Well that’s what Marley Jaxx (formerly Marley Baird) is going to tell us today.

Who is Marley Jaxx

Marley Jaxx

Marley Jaxx is one of the top video branding leaders of our time and owner of the rapidly growing agency Marley Baird Media.

She and her dream team use their expertise to position mini-celebrities and influencers as thought leaders in their respective space.

She does this through all social media platforms, but today she’s going to focus on YouTube.

Marley is a master of video marketing strategy. And she also happens to be a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate!

When Russell Brunson was redesigning his free Affiliate Bootcamp course a Summit, he asked Marley to contribute. He asked her to share her strategy for starting from scratch to becoming a full time affiliate marketer within 100 days.

What she shared was mind-blowing!

A complete step-by-step blueprint of how to knock it out of the park and grow your influence YouTube.

So without further ado…

How Marley Jaxx Would Become A Full Time Affiliate Marketer In 100 Days

The basis is to create a video that solves a problem and uses Clickfunnels as a call to action. In doing this you’re going to provide a ton of value to grow your Know, Like Trust and Factor.

We know that the end goal is to drive people to Clickfunnels. So let’s begin by reverse engineering the result.

What are the questions that people are asking that Clickfunnels answers?

There are tons of questions. Spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming writing as many down as you can.

Every question you write down can become a video topic.

Here’s a secret that can mean  the difference between cash in your hand and owning a goldmine: YouTube is NOT a social media platform. It’s a Search Engine!

I rank #1 for the search term “How to use Canva” out of millions of results. The positioning with the keywords gets over 1500 views per week. Organic, haven’t spent a penny on it. It was posted on October 2016 and it’s still getting views and generating leads for me all day, every day, in my sleep, whether I’m working that day or not!

I rank #1 for the search term “How to use Canva” out of millions of results. The positioning with the keywords gets over 1500 views per week. Organic, haven’t spent a penny on it. It was posted on October 2016 and it’s still getting views and generating leads for me all day, every day, in my sleep, whether I’m working that day or not!

This kind of content does not work on Facebook, it will disappear fairly quickly. On Youtube it’s the opposite. It will continue to snowball. With the right conditioning, content and quality it only gains momentum ever time.

When you provide value, win people over with your charm and charisma, and intentionally plant a lead magnet in there to provide them even more value, that becomes an evergreen asset that continues to continually bring you organic traffic.

When people love you, subscribe to your channel and binge watch all your other videos, they’ll optin to your lead magnet so you can nurture them and increase their lifetime value over time.

So ideally they view your video, subscribe to your channel, click the link to optin to your lead magnet, you put a Facebook Pixel so on the optin page you can build your retargeting audience so you can remarket to them if you’re running ads.

Then on the thank you page of the lead magnet tell them that I have another exclusive lead magnet for them that they can find in the files section of my Facebook Group!

At this point they’re on your email list and your Facebook Group, all through organic search!

When thinking of questions people might have that Clickfunnels might answer we can also search YouTube to see what other people are creating videos on. Do not copy them, but model them.

Funnel Hack or video hack them to see what videos are doing well so you can also create a video on that topic and drive them to your own lead magnet!

For this example I created a video called “How To Make A Sales Funnel”. I’m going to walk you through how I did it and how to optimize the video when I upload it to Youtube.

I made this so I can target people who might be pretty new to the sales funnel world, and people looking for this video are looking for help that I can provide.

It’s worth noting I titled this as a “How To” video because that’s typically how people are typing it into search, and especially if you’re just starting on Youtube, “How To” videos will be a great foundation for your discoverability.

When you’re filming it’s important to have a formula in mind and not just turn on the camera and ramble.

When you’re educating on video it’s important to be entertaining and engaging because most people come to the content and once people find the answer they’re looking for they will click off your video right away.

If you can keep them engaged with your personality or add in some humor it can encourage them to watch longer and subscribe.

So combine education with entertainment… Edutainment

Keep in mind if you’re doing it as more of a VLOG format, make sure you make it more about your viewer than about you. Don’t produce it like a home video.

Let’s dive into the format you can use for a video like this:


Introduce Yourself and the topic of the video. Include any credibility that lets your audience know why they can trust you on this topic. Ex. If you’re an author, 2 Comma Club Award Winner, or built funnels for big name companies. This is the place for you to humble brag and share why you’re so awesome and why you’re the best person to come to for this solution.

Introduce The Topic

When you’re introducing the topic of the video, let them know the solution they’re going to receive by sticking around until the end of the video. You want to encourage them to watch all the way through because the longer people stay on your videos the more that Youtube sees that this video has authority and is also keeping people on their platform so it’s going to help your rankings.

If there are two videos on the same topic where the first video only averages 30 seconds of watch time, but the second people are watching several minutes Youtbe is going to take that retention into their metrics to know which video should be ranked higher in search results.

Lead Magnet

After you’ve introduced the topic, within the first 2 minutes when people are the most engaged and haven’t gotten distracted or clicked away I like to drop a lead magnet. So in this portion I like to say something like:

“I want to make sure you’re fully set up for success so before we go into what I’m about to teach you click the link below where I’m going to give you my best converting opt-in funnel template. And if you don’t already have a Clickfunnels account I’m going to give you a 14-day free trial. So click the link below and I’m going to email you those templates.”

Whatever it is get them on your email list so you can send them links, or PDF’s or downloads and continue to nurture that relationship with an email sequence or your newsletters.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with people. You get people to sign up for your lead magnet and they get added to your subscriber list. You can now follow up with them and provide value and promote offers.

To learn more about how you can build a thriving list of loyal fans check out my FREE course on email marketing, Email Jumpstart now!

In your email marketing service you can tag how they entered your list. Ie. These are people who came in regarding “Sales Funnels”, so I recommend you nurture them by sharing your Hook, Story, Offer, offer them a free copy of Expert Secrets and send your affiliate link to get the free plus shipping book funnel to get them started in the Clickfunnels Cult-Ture.

Begin Teaching The Topic

After you’ve introduced the topic in the lead magnet go right into teaching the topic. The best way to do this is to break it down into easy to follow steps: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3… then Recap and Summary.

Summarize everything you just taught then follow up with 2 Calls To Action!

  • The first one is reiterating that lead magnet. “So here’s what I just taught you, and here’s the next step for everything you need for success, I’m giving you the keys by clicking the link below.” Put that link right at the top of your video description.
  • The second call to action is for Engagement. Ask them to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. The more signals like this shows Youtube people are engaged and the more it’s going to increase your rankings and put your content in front of more people.

So now you’ve got your video, that’s only half the battle. Now you need to upload it to Youtube with proper SEO because remember Youtube is a search engine!

If you miss out on optimizing and don’t execute the science of thumbnails, cards and tags so you can piggyback and ethically steal traffic from your competitors it’s like getting all dressed up with nowhere to go.

If you build it, they won’t come.

Here’s how to upload a video to Youtube with proper SEO.

  • Optimize The File BEFORE You Upload It To YouTube: Rename the file, edit the properties and add tags and comments. This is so Youtube will get as much info from the meta data.

    Rename the file to the Title you plan to use on YouTube. Also put the title at the beginning of the Comments. The description also goes into the comments. Add your tags. Tags are keywords that people might be searching for to help this video show up.
  • Upload The Video To YouTube: Always upload it first as Unlisted until we’ve optimized it. You can go into your settings and choose Unlisted as the default. While it’s uploading start optimizing.

Optimize The Video:

  • Capitalize Each Word Of The Title.
  • Create a default description that includes all your social media links and other relevant info.
  • Add in tags form the best ranking keywords from Google, Google Keyword Planner. You can also use a Chrome extension Tube Buddy which gives you recommend tags based on your title and description. Include your name and Brand! Put in “Sales Funnel”, “Funnel Hacker” “Clickfunnels” and other related keywords for your video. Also have a tag that’s the same as the title. You have a limit of 500 characters for your tags.
  • Don’t change from Unlisted yet.
    Note: If you add the video to a playlist it becomes visible, even though it is unlisted!
  • Description: Put your lead magnet right at the top. Put the rest of your description underneath. You might want to have it pre-written so you can just copy and paste it in.

    Make sure the description is thorough and has keywords and tags, include your links to your website and social media platforms. The description can be up to 5000 characters.
  • Have your main keywords planned out. Longtail Keyword effect in excess of 3.5% from title to final word.
  • In description for lead magnet reiterate the title (not necessarily word for word) and provide the link.
  • Use Bitly for links because it allows you to track clicks.
  • Keep the link at the top because it the user will see it right away and won’t have to click the “Show More” text. Ie.

    How To Build A Sales Funnel
    Get My Free Sales Funnel Templates: [link to lead magnet]
  • Now upload a custom thumbnail. Design one in Canva with the dimensions of 1280×720 pixels.
  • Now go into the Creators Studio and continue editing the video.
  • Click on the “End Screen” tab. YouTube allows you to have the last 20 seconds to have another call to action and add in buttons that are clickable. They can be to another video, subscribe to the channel, or direct to the call to action.
  • You can have the end screen links over top of the video, or you might want to create an end card static image to use a template.
  • Usually best to have Subscribe and link to another video.
  • For the other video you can choose a specific video, most recently uploaded video, or “Best for viewer”. This allows YouTube to choose the best one of your videos for that specific viewer based on their viewing habits.
  • This also allows your videos to show up on the suggested search sidebar, which allows you to ethically steal traffic from your competitors.
  • Next click on the “Cards” tab. Cards allows you to put little “i” info links at various points throughout the video. Do 2 or 3. When the viewer clicks it they are shown some suggested videos that you choose.
  • Scroll to the point of the video you want, click “Add Card” and choose between:
    • Video or Playlist
    • Channel
    • Poll
    • Link
  • When you choose Video or Playlist, it has a better chance of showing up in the related videos and suggested search.
  • Another thing that helps is to have your videos transcribed. You can do it yourself or use will actually deliver the captions right back to YouTube in the proper format so everything is synced with your video.
  • Captions help your viewer if they need to read it, as well as helping Youtube boost your video by knowing what exactly your video is about and focus on your keywords.
  • After you’ve done all this you can now go back and change the video from Unlisted to Public and release it to the world!

Now that your video is live you’re still not done yet! It’s time to prepare for a launch! We’re going to create a promotion strategy!

The more traffic you get to this video in the first 24-48 hours, the more Youtube values this video with higher authority and will boost your rankings!

We must make sure a LOT of people see it. This is where your network and social media platforms will be so helpful.

Share it to all your social media platforms, and ask your followers to like, share and subscribe to it too!

Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Write a LinkedIn article, post it on your blog, and send an email to your list! Now you’ve 10x your content and boosted your video on the largest video search engine in the world!

Now you can also run Facebook View Video Ads or Video Engagement Ads to get this post out to your warm or cold traffic for even pennies per view! For a few bucks you can get 100 or more eyeballs on your content.

Re-purpose Your Content

Don’t just say “Hey, watch my new video!”. From the one Youtube video we turn that into multiple mini-videos and teasers with your favourite video editor.

Grab a 30-60 second piece and turn it into a trailer that hooks the audience, and the last 5ish seconds has an end card that says “WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE”. And in the caption or in the comments you can link to the video on Youtube.

I do this for all my social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories where they can swipe up, or click the link in my bio where they can be taken directly to the video on Youtube.

I also take the transcription and turn it into a blogpost, a LinkedIn article, and highlight and pull quote worthy pieces for Quote pictures or text based quote for all of my social media.

You will never go hungry for content again when you’re doing it this way.

Now let’s recap:

  • You’re creating a video that’s search engine worthy to put on YouTube.
  • Filming it in a format that keeps people engaged and drives them to your call to action.
  • You’re going to upload to YouTube with SEO, a killer thumbnail.
  • And publish it with a promotion strategy in mind.
  • With all your re-purposed versions posted on all your social media platforms when the video goes live.
  • And because you can create so many re-purposed versions from this video you can post this content regularly on your social media so you are regularly driving traffic back to your YouTube Channel.
  • On the back end your lead magnet, whether it’s a PDF, a video series, a funnel template, whatever, build out an email sequence to nurture them.
  • Give your Hook, Story, Offer to another Clickfunnels offer such as a the 14-day free trial, or a free + shipping book, the opportunities are endless!


So there you have it! Marley Jaxx’ complete rundown of how to generate leads and affiliate sales through YouTube! I have to say this is easily the most detailed look I’ve seen on how to setup your YouTube account for success.

And Marley gave this all away for FREE! And she’s not the only one. Marley is just one of 16 people Russell Brunson got to detail their plans on how to retire as a Clickfunnels affiliate within 100 days in the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit. And every one of them delivers the goods!

Again, the fact that this training is free is mind-blowing! It could easily sell for a thousand bucks an be worth every penny. But this doesn’t cost you a dime!

Do yourself a favor and sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit now! Your financial future can only benefit from it. You can thank me later. 🙂

To your success!

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