Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Review

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Let me guess: you want to make money online but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve tried a few things here and there but haven’t gotten much, if any, traction. That’s why the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is such a game changer!

I know, I’ve been there. There are so many people making money online that it’s a little overwhelming on what you should do.

If you’re like me you probably watch tons of videos on YouTube and follow lots of people share their ideas, but it’s never very concrete.

I’ve talked a lot about affiliate marketing and how I feel it’s the best way to start making money online for many reasons including:

  • You don’t need to create your own product.
  • You don’t have to worry about manufacturing.
  • You don’t have to worry about warehousing or shipping.
  • You don’t have to deal with refunds, cranky customers or other headaches.

Basically you find product or service you you could genuinely recommend, sign up as an affiliate for said product, you promote it with your special affiliate link, and anyone who makes a purchase from your link you get a commission!

The customer get’s something they want. The creator/manufacturer gets a sale. And you get a nice commission out of it. It’s a win/win/win scenario.

One of the best affiliate programs out there is for Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels itself is website builder with a strong focus on sales funnels.

When you sign up for their affiliate program you get access to a wide range of offers you can promote, from software, books, training, and coaching programs.

They have a great range of low, mid, and high ticket, and monthly recurring offers which have been tested, refined and structured to generate amazing commissions for you.

One of the great incentives is their Dream Car program. If you get 100 monthly Clickfunnels affiliates, they will give you $500/month towards leasing a new car! Get 200 affiliates and that gets bumped up to $1000/month!

There are thousands of people making a good living as an affiliate. Whether you want to add a little extra income on the side, or scale up to making 5, 6 or even 7-figures a year, affiliate marketing can let you live that life!

Still, it can be daunting trying to figure out exactly HOW you should start promoting products as an affiliate. There are a million different ways you can do it, but if you want to get off on the right foot you need to model successful people who have done it before you.

That is why I am extremely excited by newly updated release of Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Summit!

Russell Brunson

If you don’t know who Russell Brunson is, quite frankly he is one of the greatest marketers around today.

He is the author of two incredible marketing books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. He is the co-founder of the brilliant drag-and-drop website funnel building software Clickfunnels. He is the worlds highest paid speaker. He runs masterminds that cost $25,000+. He is mentor to many, and through his teachings has created HUNDREDS of millionaires.

He is someone who has had many ups and downs and shares it all through his podcasts, Youtube videos and Facebook Live’s.

In short, he is someone you should pay attention to.

He and his team are on a mission to improve peoples lives by helping them learn to take their skills and knowledge and make an impact.

He knows that not everyone learns the same way and there are so many ways to make money he can’t cover them all himself. So he put out a call to some of the top Clickfunnels affiliates and asked if they would share how they would go from beginner to full time affiliate marketer in 100 days.

Lucky for us 15 of the top Clickfunnels Super Affiliates responded and gave very detailed step-by-step gameplans for doing just that. And Russell himself also gave his plan as well 🙂

These aren’t just regular affiliates, these people are Super Affiliates. That means they are top earners and win top rankings in affiliate contests. Many of them have gone on to create their own courses to help others achieve financial freedom.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is broken down into four days with four speakers per day. This is an event you have to check out.

The Players

So who are these top affiliates:

  1. Russell Brunson
  2. Steve Larsen
  3. Dave Gambril
  4. Rachel Penderson
  5. Jim Edwards
  6. Greg Jeffries
  7. Jacob Caris
  8. Dana Derricks
  9. Joe Marfoglio
  10. Spencer Mecham
  11. Marley Baird
  12. JR Rivas
  13. Josh Rhodes
  14. Tyler S. Clark
  15. Billy Gene
  16. Peng Joon

That’s sixteen top affiliates sharing their methods on how they would become full time affiliate marketers withing 100 days if they were just starting out.

They’ve already gone through the growing pains to get to where they are. They are now distilling their knowledge into actionable steps for you and I to take!

Let’s dive in a little further, shall we?

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

The leader of the pack. The man who made all this possible and brought all these wonderful individuals together, kicks things off with his plan.

Russell reveals his simple 5-Step plan to turn an affiliate “hobby” into a full time career!

You can see my thoughts of Russell’s plan here.

Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen

Steve was Russell’s right-hand funnel builder for 3 years. He sat right next to the man himself.

He learned a hell of a lot during that time and has become an incredible fountain of marketing knowledge which he shares openly on his incredible podcast Sales Funnel Radio.

Steve has become known as “The Offer Creation Guy”. And he teaches you how to create an irresistible offer that makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for your customers to say “No” to.

Check out my thoughts of Steve’s plan here.

Dave Gambrill

Dave Gambrill

Dave is an executive coach, leadership consultant and serial entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help people unleash their awesome on the world.

Dave reveals the secret key to getting your buyers to stay with you month after month.

Rachel Pendersen

Rachel Pendersen

Rachel is an expert at nurturing relationships for building your brand. It’s all about building a strong bond of trust to get people to know, like and trust you, and then they will buy whatever you sell them.

Rachel shows how using the power of relationships to find the RIGHT customers that you help.

Check out my thoughts on Rachel’s plan here.

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is a unicorn aficionado and copywriting legend! He co-created the incredible Funnel Scripts with Russel!

He teaches you how to dominate the affiliate Leaderboard and become the #1 top-producing Super Affiliate. And let me tell you, this plan is epic!

Check out my thoughts on Jim’s plan here.

Greg Jeffries

Greg Jeffries

Greg is an affiliate marketing expert using simple and inexpensive SEO methods and strategies.

Greg teaches the simple process he uses to find pockets of low-cost, low-competition traffic who are ALREADY actively searching for a solution.

Jacob Caris

Jacob Caris

Jacob was a busy guy. Like, working 80 hours a week at his regular “9-5” job. But he managed to get out of that grind and now has much more free time on his hands.

Jacob teaches you how to become a Super Affiliate when you have a TON of other commitments and almost NO time in your day

Check out my thoughts on Jacob’s plan here.

Dana Derricks

Dana Derricks

Dana has become the poster child for the Dream 100 strategy. It’s all about finding your dream prospects and pitching to them the right way.

Dana teaches the key to getting UNLIMITED hot (and warm) traffic…for FREE!

Joe Marfoglio

Joe Marfoglio

Joe is a YouTube marketing expert. He knows how create engaging videos to grow an audience and get them to buy.

Joe teaches you how creating YouTube videos that your audience will CLICK ON and WATCH all the way through!

Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham

Spencer is a top affiliate at multiple well known software firms and loves what he does. His favorite place to work is in a hammock because of the freedom that it represents.

Spencer teaches you how to leverage the people who are already SEARCHING for a solution.

Marley Jaxx (formerly Baird)

Marley Jaxx

Marley is a YouTube and social media marketing specialist. She runs her own agency and has helped many entrepreneurs (including Steve Larsen) with their social media marketing strategies.

Marley teaches you why YouTube is the #1 BEST way to generate leads, and get affiliate sales.

Check out my thoughts on Marley’s plan here.

JR Rivas

JR Rivas

JR specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their following, build authority, and monetize their message in just 57 days.

JR teaches how to organically ATTRACT and build your audience through a perfectly designed Facebook profile.

Josh Rhodes

Josh Rhodes

Josh owns two business built on the strong foundation of sales funnels. He one the coveted Clickfunnels “Two Comma Club” award in just 10 months!

Josh teaches how to take a simple “Agency” approach to generate 100+ affiliates in 100 days.

Tyler S. Clark

Tyler S. Clark

Tyler owns two marketing agencies and one the Clickfunnels Dream Car within 100 days. He is known as the Clickfunnels Certified Partner in the accounting industry.

Tyler teaches the 11 actionable steps that got him from 0 to 106 paying ClickFunnels affiliates In 100 days.

Billy Gene

Billy Gene

Billy is a no BS kinda guy. His marketing agency “Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc” is recognized as one of the top in the world. He is revolutionizing the education system by teaching important and necessary entrepreneurial skills that schools aren’t teaching.

Billy teaches how to demonstrate your “Map” and guide your audience STRAIGHT to their destination!

Peng Joon

Peng Joon

Peng is known as the Content Multiplier King. He made his first million in the video game niche! He’s one of the most requested speakers in the world and has shared the stage with people like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and others.

Peng teaches how to create powerful ‘Leverage’ and build a list for FREE as a Super Affiliate!


While I feel some plans are better than others, they are all winners in my book. They all teach actionable strategies that can get you on the path to making 6-figures in just a few short months.

And best of all there are so many to choose from. These are experts in their field and have refined the paths that took them to financial freedom.

With 16 different plans, you are bound to find at least one you can connect with.

A word of warning though, these aren’t just set-it-and-forget-it type of plans. They do take work. The more time you can dedicate to doing it the faster your results will come.

But when they come, you can kiss your boss goodbye!

The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is a course unlike most others. The plans are rock solid. And did I mention the price yet? FREE!

Yes that is right, you get access to all this incredible knowledge for free!

The knowledge and value shared in this course is incredible. In fact it’s better than most courses that charge $1000+!

You would be doing yourself a great disservice to NOT sign up for it! Honestly, what do you have to lose? This is knowledge that can have a tremendous positive effect on your bank account!

The sooner you signup the sooner the sooner you can start reaping the benefits!

I honestly cannot recommend this course enough. The value it provides is immeasurable.

Sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit now!

Affilite Bootcamp Summit

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